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Sell Your Retro Classic

Why sell your car through Retro Classic?

At Retro Classic Automotive we specialise in selling modern classic cars from the 80s,90s and 00s. If you own a car that fits in with what we sell here (excellent examples with full history), we would be very interested in selling your car.

We have five star reviews on our Google listing and with over 25 years experience in selling vehicles to clients all over the UK and internationally, you can be assured that we are the best option for you to obtain the maximum amount for your cherished Retro Classic

‘Sale or Return’ is a very popular way of selling desirable modern classic cars. Retro Classic can sell your car on your behalf, as your agent. We charge a flat fee, only payable once your car is sold.


The Sales Process

Send us the details of your car using the form below. If your vehicle requires any work, which most modern classic cars do to bring them up to Retro Classic standards, please let us know. 

If your car is suitable, we will arrange for our own fully insured vehicle transporter to collect your vehicle and bring it to us. We will securely store your vehicle inside our spotlit carpeted dealership and your car will be fully insured in our premises (up to a maximum of £100,000).

Prior to us collecting your vehicle, you will receive a detailed contract setting our legal obligations to you and your legal rights throughout the entire process. 


Your vehicle will undergo a thorough mechanical and auto-electrical examination to highlight anything that requires work before sale. We have a specialist network of garages where we can get any necessary work done at trade prices. You will be kept updated throughout the entire process by our Director, personally. Our professional detailing team will then prep your car for sale. This process takes up to 3 days, ensuring your car looks its best ready to be photographed for advertising. We will advertise your car professionally on the most popular online websites.  

We have built our reputation by selling desirable modern classic cars. Our professional approach to dealing with our clients and customers is reflected in our feedback and testimonials. 


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